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  • October 14, 2018

    All You Need is Love

    We read an interesting article in the Sunday Mail recently titled ‘What is beauty?’ The article interviewed 8 different people, each of whom was asked to provide their own definition of beauty. The responses were many and varied! For some, it was the luminous skin of a newborn, for another […]

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  • October 14, 2018

    What exactly is beauty?

    Luxury Portraits has the absolute privilege of witnessing true love and beauty on a daily basis when photographing wonderful couples in Brisbane. Any our couples are not models…they are real people who love each other and have an enduring beauty. So we asked the question – What exactly is beauty? […]

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  • October 11, 2018

    Glamorous Couple Photography

    Julie, Luxury Portraits’ founder, has always been passionate about creating imagery that portrays her subjects in the most flattering style. And over the years, she has developed a signature style based around her unique use of lighting. Prior to founding Luxury Portraits, Julie’s work centred around portraits of families, children […]

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