We read an interesting article in the Sunday Mail recently titled ‘What is beauty?’ The article interviewed 8 different people, each of whom was asked to provide their own definition of beauty.

The responses were many and varied!

For some, it was the luminous skin of a newborn, for another the inner beauty that shines through when a person smiles.

Skin on Skin contrasts the beauty found in nature

And it got us thinking about our ideas of real beauty… At Luxury Portraits, we are privileged to see photography the beauty of couples on a grand scale. Beauty fills our studio on a daily basis…the eternal beauty of two people in love.

It’s also striking how the beauty of each woman we photograph is illuminated when she’s photographed with the person she loves.


A Beautiful contrast between the snakes skin and the fantastic tattoo artwork

If you’ve been on our Facebook page – Luxury Portraits, you’ve noticed we regularly post images of our couples.

As you can see from the images, our couples are just normal people like you or I.

Some women are older, some are in their twenties. Sometimes the woman is slim, other times she’s voluptuous. They are all unique and different.

But do you know what they have in common? Each one of them reveals an individual beauty…and they are all in love! The number of comments we get on our couples’ imagery is incredible. How beautiful the woman is…how much in love the couple looks…how gorgeous a woman’s skin is.

Some people think we do a lot of “photo shopping”. One of our recent clients, Elle Lewis, commented after seeing the imagery on Facebook that ‘we must do a lot of work to get the couples looking like that.”

Yet our clients are normal women. They have not been ‘made over’, they are wearing normal make up and their hair is how they normal wear it.

They photograph so beautifully because they are in love, their skin glows and their eyes are luminous with the emotion of spending a few hours capturing the love they feel for their partner.

We decided to speak to Elle about her photo shoot and if she was happy with the results. Elle Lewis came in recently to be photographed with her husband Scott.

She said neither of them were ‘photo people’ and Elle said she had spent most of her life avoiding photography of herself after an insensitive remark from a family member about her appearance in a family photograph. “Scott and I had photos snapped at our baby shower that I was really disappointed in – I looked huge, Scott has his mouth open, and the shots just weren’t flattering,” Elle said. Elle said she felt a little apprehensive coming into our studio.

“I’ve had a baby and my body has changed – all women’s bodies change, but it’s sometimes hard to accept this. There are so many articles in the media about celebrities going back to a size ten within 4 weeks of having the baby!

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